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Mast Climber NY

A mast climber is a construction work platform that can move up and down alongside the object being built, carrying a heavy load and using either rack and pinion lifting system or hydraulic cylinders. NY mast climbers mostly come from the US and Canadian manufacturers, even though some European companies are also present in the local NY temporary construction equipment market.

Mast climbers are most often used in NY for building residential projects, medical institutions, school edifices, factories, correctional facilities, storage facilities and shopping malls.

Mast climbers generally take less time to install than most of other kinds of scaffolding systems. The most obvious benefit of a mast climber is its heavy load lifting capacity and vertical mobility. In a place like NY, that means a lot.

Many NY construction companies prefer to rent mast climbers rather than own them. In the economic situation of NY, such strategy often (even though not always) makes sense because if you rent the temporary construction equipment you wouldn't have to bother much with its storage or maintenance.

What can a mast climber do for a NY construction business?

First of all, it's widely known that a mast climber can reduce the cost of a construction operation by over thirty percent. Mast climbers provide significant demonstarable reduction in work-related injuries. A single mast climber on a NY construction site can reduce the access time by about ninety percent. Without any ties to the building, a mast climber can uperate to the heights of up to a hundred feet inside the building and sixty five feet outside, and that can allow a typical NY construction site to cut down the number of building ties by about eighty percent.

At All-Safe, LLC. we are focused on giving NY construction businesses the safest and most efficient mast climbing experience. Call us: 718-389-9400

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56 Street and 6th Ave - Mast Climber for Limestone Installation

Mast Climber NY 4

205 West 76 St was one of our most complex project, onvolving netting, sidewalk shed, shoring, roof protection and mast climbers.

Mast Climber NY 1

Mast Climber NY 2

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